Should I Wear a Back Brace if I have Herniated Disc?

Should I Wear a Back Brace if I have Herniated Disc?

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Most herniated disc heal without requiring a surgical procedure. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you should skip your appointment with a spine specialist. The specialist will do a physical exam and diagnose the location of the herniation and hook you up with a care plan. The most common type of herniated disc is one that tends to develop in the lumbar spine.

Herniated disc in the lower part of the spine usually affects lower body extremities. It can cause a number of symptoms but they vary depending on the location of disc herniation on the spine. The spine is broken down in three different segments including lumbar, thoracic and cervical parts.

Wearing a brace helps alleviate pain resulting from herniated disc as it provides spinal support and maximum stability. It also helps limit your range of motion especially bending and twisting motions that can cause further injury and pain in the lower part of the back. A brace also helps carry some of the weight the discs withstand.

What is a Herniated Disc?

A herniated disc is when the soft part between the bones in the spine press on the nerves around your backbone. Herniate typically means to sticking out or bulging. Herniated disc is also known as ruptured disc.

For the most part, herniated disc always occurs in the lumbar spine. This is a section of the backbone between the hips and the lower part of the ribs. The spine not only holds up the body but also protects the nerves and spinal cord. The discs located in the spine allows you to move the backbone.

Why a Disc Gets Herniated

The discs become less cushiony and flatter as you age. Besides, the outer part can tear if the disc becomes weak. The inner part of the disc will press on the nerves beside it after pushing through the tear.

Signs of Herniated Disc

When the disc presses on the nerves besides it, it causes pain in the legs and the back. The pain generated on the affected area depends on the disc that’s weak. The severity of the pain also depends on the amount of pressure the disc puts on the nerve. The pain usually spreads over the butt going all the way down to the thighs then to the calf wen you have a herniated disc.

Some people with herniated discs feel pain in both legs while other feel tingly or numb. Herniated disc pain gets better when you’re lying down or resting and becomes worse when you’re active. Other things that can make the pain worse include coughing, driving, bending forward, sitting and sneezing. The pain worsens when you put more pressure on the nerves especially when your range of motion is not limited.

You can try changing positions or shift weight to one side to reduce pain from herniated discs.

Should I Wear a Back Brace if I have Herniated Disc?


As earlier mentioned, wearing a back brace helps alleviate pain caused by herniated discs by providing ultimate spinal support and stability. Plus, it limits your range of motion to prevent further injury and speed up the healing process. Thankfully, there are many different types of back braces available on the market that will help improve your condition.

It’s important to find the right brace for herniated disc for best results. In this case, you may want a back brace that’s made of hard plastic, metal or elastic. Ideally, the back brace should have a comfortable fit and provide the right amount of support for your lower back. Here are some recommendations of the best back braces for herniated disc.

Best Back Braces for Herniated Disc

  1. JILIER Back Brace


JILIER Back Brace helps relieve pain and improve mobility. It contains a bionic spine support and X-shaped plate for additional support and stability along with 10 spring supports to help accelerate recovery of lumbar injuries. It’s made with a lightweight and breathable fabric to regulate the temperature underneath the brace to keep you comfortable for an extended period.

This back brace comes with removable lumbar pads for additional support and comfort. It available in 5 different sizes to provide the right amount of support.

  1. Sparthos Back Support Belt


Sparthos Back Brace provides an external source of stability to help you go about your daily activities without making you feel stiff. Plus, it gives you instant and lasting pain relief from different conditions including a herniated disc. It comes with a removable lumbar pad to provide extra compression on the lower part of the back.

In addition, this brace comes with vertical support stays to help stabilize the back and prevent rolling. It’s made with high-quality breathable and lightweight materials and has a perfect fit. What’s more, you can comfortably wear it under any type of clothing.

  1. AONOKOY Back Brace


AONOKOY Back Brace features an X-shaped support plate that can effectively and timely alleviate disc herniation pain. This lumbar back support brace provides ultimate support from the waist, prevents lumbar sprain and reduces muscle stress. The built-in ABS cartilage bars provide ultimate vertical support for the lower back.

This brace is made with a skin-friendly breathable fabric for all-day comfortable wear. The fabric feels incredibly soft against the skin which makes it ideal for internal dressing. The 4-way stretch elastic material provides a more flexible fit to accommodate different body types. Plus, it increases pressure on the lower back to help relieve muscle soreness.

  1. Hameio Back Brace


Hameio Back Brace is one of the best back braces for herniated disc. It comes with 6 support strips that fit snugly around your lower back to give you instant and lasting pain relief. The 3D structure with woven air mesh wrap around the waist provides full range compression to help alleviate pain. Its functional design strengthens side support and maintains spine stability.

This back brace additionally features dual adjustment straps to provide extra compression and a more customized fit to prevent lumbar disc herniations. It’s made of lightweight, durable, flexible, breathable and moisture-wicking material for comfortable all-day wear. Plus, it has a skin-friendly plush cotton lining.

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