Best Posture Corrector Bra [TOP 5 Posture Bras Review]

Best Posture Corrector Bra [TOP 5 Posture Bras Review]

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Which is the best posture corrector bra? What do you think of when you hear the words “posture corrector bra” or “posture support bra”? Of course, you may be thinking of bras. But what exactly do these bras do? Read on.

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A posture corrector bra typically has an “X” or crisscross pattern across the back. When you wear the bra, the back crisscross design will gently force your spine and shoulders into alignment. This will, in turn, ensure you are sitting, standing or walking in the proper posture.

Posture corrector bras are designed as normal bras but with the main aim of ensuring you get the correct posture. The bras are made from comfortable fabrics and their cups flatter the design of your breasts. Beauty and style are evident in the design of the bras.

Below are some highlights of posture support bras:

  • Have reinforced back designs for more comfort
  • Manufactured from breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Can be worn like normal bras but have posture correction and provide additional support
  • The “X” or crisscross design at the back reduces shoulder and back strain

Best Posture Corrector Bra

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Posture Corrector Bra Reviews

#1. Leonisa Women’s Wireless Posture Corrector Bra

posture corrector bra

The Leonisa posture bra is a popular multitasking bra that is available at Amazon. This bra offers sufficient back support and is the best bra posture corrector in the market. The supportive bra is suitable for women with large breasts that may be suffering from shoulder, neck and back pain.

The Leonisa support bra gently aligns the spine with the shoulders in the correct position. A lot of thought has been put into the materials and design of the bra.

The bra is designed with full, wireless contoured cup control soft materials. At the back, there is a crisscrossed reinforcement band that provides additional support. Therefore, you can be sure your shoulders and back will be encouraged and supported in correct alignment. This, in turn, will reduce any shoulder or back strain you may be experiencing.

The Leonisa bra is made of DuraFit® on the double-layered contour cups and PowerSlim® on the back support bands. These two technologies make the bra strong and comfortable to the skin. The bra also has eye adjustable straps, which make them easy to fit. The front closure has 2 rows and three-column hooks to ensure the bra does not fiddle around. There is also a back closure.

The Leonisa back support posture bra is designed for daily use as well as sporting activities. The bra offers maximum support thanks to the broad back and larger cup. The bra is also suitable for any post-surgery recovery program.

Leonisa Firm Control BraFeatures of the Leonisa Back Support Bra

  • 3 columns, 2 row hooks with eye adjustable straps
  • Contour cups made from PowerSlim® and DuraFit® fabrics for control
  • There is a wide brushed elastic under the bust that provides extra support
  • Has soft-lined cups that prevent the nipples from showing through
  • The wireless design is comfortable
  • Available in different colors; white, nude, black and soft apricot
  • Has crisscross back reinforced bands made of PowerSlim® for encouraging correct posture and providing support
  • Full support, cup control bra

Why We Love the Leonia Firm Control Bra

The Leonia support bra looks great and fits well. Its front closure is a hit with many women since it makes putting it on and removing it easier than a back closing bra.

The Leonia posture support bra is great for women into high impact sports. If you are involved in these sports, you need extra support for their breasts for comfort. The bra is easy to wash and does not sag.

Check our full review of Leonisa Posture Support Bra here.

What Can Be Improved

We found that for some women, the top of the front enclosure can be too big. This can result in some clothing being shown. Apart from this, the bottom of the front enclosure may be uncomfortable.

Therefore, it’s important to order the right size bra to avoid these two issues. Check the sizing chart below to know the right bra size for you.

Our Verdict

Apart from the probability of getting the wrong size bra, the Leonisa Support Bra is a great posture aid. You will immediately feel good when you put it on and the results will be obvious when you are walking, seated, standing or working out.

The bra’s crisscross back support and reinforced panels/straps support the shoulders and gently encourage them to realign with the spine.

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#2. Exquisite Form Women’s Front Close Posture Bra

Exquisite Form Women’s Front Close Posture Bra

The Exquisite Form Women’s Posture Bra is the best support bra for full figured women. The bra is made from 100% cotton and is machine-washable. This makes it different from most bras that combine cotton with other synthetic materials.

For busty women, staying comfortably dry, especially during the summer, can be quite a challenge. To be comfortable, they need a bra that can absorb the moisture from the breasts. The Exquisite Form Bra does this perfectly. The bra’s cups are made of soft absorbent and breathable cotton.

The Exquisite Form Bra for full-figured women has a crisscross Powernet mesh at the back. This mesh helps to straighten the shoulders and supports the back.

Features of the Exquisite Form Bra

Exquisite form support bra

  • Cushioned wide shoulder straps
  • Comfortable and convenient front closure
  • Made of 100% cotton for better breathability
  • Reinforced Powernet mesh at the back supports the back and encourages straight shoulders
  • Front closure with 5 hooks and eyes
  • Available from sizes 35B to 46DD
  • Comes in three colors: white, black and neutral

Why We Like the Exquisite Form Support Bra

The design of the back support posture bra allows it to be worn under a dress with a low cut front. This is something that most support bras lack. The bra is also effective in correcting your posture.

We highly recommend the Exquisite Support Bra for sporting women and those with large breasts. When worn, the bra stops the breasts from bouncing. The bra is also recommended for women suffering from arthritis and those that prefer front-closing bras. Finally, the upper back support helps in posture correction.

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What We Don’t like

Some of the bra’s hooks tend not to stay in place all the time. This can make the posture corrector bra uncomfortable to wear. Some people may also not find the bra comfortable since it is made of cotton only.

Our Verdict

Posture corrector bras are usually designed differently from normal bras. The Exquisite Form Bra realigns the shoulders to the spine and offers back support. While the comfort may be wanting if you choose the wrong size bra, this can be easily rectified by adjusting the bra straps.

The only downside we found is that it’s not as soft to the skin as other support bras made from synthetic fibers.

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#3. Glamorise Women’s MagicLift From Close Posture Bra

Glamorise Women’s MagicLift From Close Posture Bra

The Glamorise Women’s MagicLift Bra makes it in the list of the best posture bras in the market. The bra is made using a patented design known as MagicLift.

The MagicLift posture corrector bra features a comfortable inner cushioned band, an incredible bust shape and support, and wireless back support. The bra has wide support bands at the back that align the shoulders into the correct posture. The bands are made from Spandex, Lycra, and cotton and form a crisscross pattern across the back.

Features of the MagicLift Support Braglamorise magiclift support bra

  • Has wide shoulder straps that can be easily adjusted for a good fit
  • The front hook design can be adjusted
  • The bra’s back support features crisscrossed bands made of Lycra and cotton
  • It is a wireless posture bra
  • Offers incredible bust lift and support thanks to the MagicLift design
  • Has wide inner cushioned band for comfort
  • Made of Spandex, Lycra, and cotton
  • Available in black, café and white

Why We Love the Glamorise MagicLift Support Bra

There are various features that make the Glamorise MagicLift one of the best posture bras. These include the adjustable extra wide straps, adjustable front hook design, comfortable materials used to make it, and the wireless back, shoulder and breast support.

The Glamorise MagicLift posture bra has a unique design. The bra has crisscross support bands that provide support and enable better bust uplift and separation. The bra also has hooks at the front that make putting it on or taking it off easy. The bra’s wide adjustable straps provide back support and help in realigning the shoulder into correct posture.

After a long day at work, your shoulders and back may be sore and achy. This is especially if you spend most of your day seated or standing at work. When you wear the MagicLift bra, the pain will reduce considerably over the next coming days.

One of the clear benefits of the Glamorise MagicLift bra is that it offers exceptional support for women with large busts. The wide shoulder straps do not dig into their shoulders nor do they fall.

What We Don’t Like

Sizing can be an issue for most people. Therefore, make sure you order the correct size bra. Below is the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

Our Verdict

Some people consider features when looking for the best support bra. Others consider style. The Glamorise MagicLift bra falls in the middle in terms of features and style. This is a bra that we highly recommend for women with large busts.

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#4. Cortland Longline Posture Bra

Cortland Longline Posture BraThe Cortland Longline posture bra is one of the easiest bras to put on and take off. The bra slims your figure from bust to midriff and supports your back. Moreover, it has crisscross straps at the back that straighten the shoulders back.

Features of the Cortland Longline Posture Bra

  • Made of breathable mesh fabric
  • Has multiple hook closures at the front that allow it to be easily worn and taken off
  • The bra extends to the waist, slimming the body and supporting the back
  • Helps to stop or reduce shoulder and back pain
  • Has wide elasticized bands that keep it in place
  • Has crisscross straps at the back that reduce shoulder strain and straighten the upper back
  • The long, semi corset-style design helps to improve your posture
  • Available in black, blush and white

What We Like About the Cortland Longline Bra

Cortland Longline BraThe Longline bra is long, extending to the waist. This helps to slim the body. Moreover, it has multiple front hook closures that make it easy to wear. You can easily fit the bra and benefit from its posture correction.

With the wide back coverage of the Longline bra, your whole back will be supported. Any pain usually felt from the waist up to the mid and upper back area will be eliminated. The bra’s design encourages correct posture, stops pains and gives you a sexy, hourglass figure.

The Cortland bra also lifts the bust. Most support bras do not. Overall, we love the great support and the curvy figure that the bra gives.

What We Don’t Like

We really could not find anything glaring wrong with this bra. It’s however important to ensure you order the right bra size.

Our Verdict

If you work countless hours at a desk job, the Cortland Longline is the best bra for you. When you wear the bra, you will feel instant back pain relief. This is the best bra if you usually experience desk job back pain.

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#5. Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Soft Cup Posture Bra

Comfort Choice Women’s Plus Size Soft Cup Posture Bra

The Comfort Choice Posture Bra has all the features plus-size women need in a posture bra. The features include eye closures for easy wear, front hooks, and crisscross pattern across the back for posture control and back support.

Features of the Comfort Choice Posture Bra

  • The cups are fully lined with cotton
  • Wide adjustable straps that relieve and reduce shoulder stress
  • Has Powermesh crisscross bands at the back for full posture support
  • Easy front-hook closure
  • Shapes and lifts your bust
  • Supports the shoulders into the correct posture
  • Available in different colors, including pomegranate candle pink, ultra blue, navy gunmetal, deep magenta, beige, vivid berry, royal periwinkle, white and black

The Comfort Choice bra is the best bra for fuller bust women.

What We Like About the Comfort Choice Bra

Comfort Choice Bra

The Comfort Choice is a great bra. The most popular colors of the bra bought at Amazon are beige, white and black. We love the wide variety of colors that are available. For example, you can buy one color to match your clothes or for each day of the week! This bra not only supports the back, but is also stylish.

The Comfort Choice support bra will help to keep you straight, hence improving your posture. Apart from this, you will look glamorous. The bra is easy and comfortable to wear. You can wear it when exercising or going to work.

What’s Not to Like

The only issue you may encounter with the support bra is regarding sizing. Make sure you order the right size bra to avoid fitting issues.

Our Verdict

The Comfort Choice is among the best posture support bras for women. In our rating, we put it among the top 5. If you are looking for a good bra that will support your upper back and bra, you cannot go wrong with the Comfort Choice.

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Which is the Best Posture Bra for You?

You may be wondering which among the above top rated bras will be right for you. Only you can decide which is the best posture corrector bra for you. Should you go for a wireless bra or with one with underwire? Will, it’s all about your preference and comfort.

For example, underwire bras may not suitable for everyday wear. However, they may be the best option for sports. For example, if you usually run, you may want a softer wireless bra to avoid getting rubbed.

Consider your needs as well as body when choosing a support bra. You may have to try a couple of bras before you can finally find the ideal one for your body shape and bust. Before starting to shop online for support bras, get fitted so that you know your bust size. This is important as most complaints regarding support bras are about size.

The good news is that when you are fitted, you will not be guessing which bra size will be right for you. Moreover, you will find cheap supportive bras at Amazon.

We highly recommend buying support bras from Amazon because the store has a returns policy. If you order a bra that does not fit, you can return it for exchange with a fitting one.

Wearing a supportive bra will help eliminate or reduce back pain. Apart from this, the bra will improve your posture and shape. Finally, the bras come in different colors. Therefore, you can be sure they will not show underneath your clothes.

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