Best Inversion Chair (REVIEW)

Best Inversion Chair (REVIEW)

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Which are the best inversion chairs you can buy? Read on to find out.

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Over the last few years, there has been an increase in demand for inversion therapy. The therapy works but is expensive. This is why most people are opting to buy their own inverse tables instead of going to chiropractors.

However, inversion tables tend to create joint pains. To use an inversion table, you have to lay, hang upside down and use the ankles to support your weight. If you are not strapped right or the ankle support of the inversion table is not well-cushioned, you can end up in great pain.

For this reason, some people are resorting to using inversion chairs. These chairs have been designed like inversion tables. However, instead of laying upside down on them, you sit. A strap runs across your lap to hold you down.

When you lean back on the chair, it slowly starts to turn upside down. Therefore, you won’t have to hang by your ankles since you will already be in a curled position.

The only difference between an inversion chair and an inversion table is that with a chair, you do not lie down flat. Instead, you are lying while seated safely on the chair.

Why Use an Inversion Chair?

Getting into an inversion chair is easier than on an inversion table. When you sit in the chair, you can comfortably ease yourself back into an inverted position. If you have physical injuries or suffer from back pain, using a chair is easier than a table. The degree of balance and coordination required to lie in the inverse chair is considerably low.

Another benefit of using an inversion chair is that your body will be less stressed. This is important especially if you are suffering from sciatica, fibromyalgia, ankle issues, knees, and lower back pain. To get to the inverse position, you will not hang by your ankles. The chair will fully support you while you are in a partially invested position. The chair can also be safely used by seniors.

Using an inverse chair makes sense. You will feel more secure when your body is inverted at 90 degrees and there is a seat underneath.

Between inversion tables and chairs, I confidently recommend the latter. Inversion chairs provide gravity traction without putting undue stress on the ankles, knees, and hips.

Read on for the best inversion chair reviews available in the market.

Best Inversion Chairs – Comparison Chart

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Inversion Chair Capacity Warranty Review
Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair 300 lbs. 1 year Read Review
Stamina Seated Inversion Chair 250 lbs. 1 year Read Review
Stamina InLine Inversion System – Inversion Chair 250 lbs. 1 year Read Review
Body Power IT9910 Deluxe Inversion Chair 300 lbs. 1 year Read Review


Inversion Chairs Reviews

If you are short on time, watch this video on best inversion chairs.

#1. Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair

Health Mark Pro Inversion ChairThe Health Mark Pro is one of the best inversion chairs in the market. The chair is made by one of the leading exercise equipment manufacturers today; Health Mark Inc. The chair has a great build and helps to alleviate pain as can be seen from reviews by customers on Amazon.

The Health Mark inversion chair has a comfortable padded bench and a supportive seat. The back seat is padded for your comfort. The chair also has a safety seatbelt to ensure your safety while in the inverse position.

Inversion chairs are not as comfortable as inversion tables. However, they are a great alternative for people suffering from extreme back pain.

Features & Benefits

  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • Has a seat belt to ensure your safety
  • Comfortable supportive seat with padded back support
  • Comfortable padded bench and non-slip feet
  • Can inverse up to 70 degrees in an ergonomically correct position
  • Highly rated by customers at Amazon


  • Great for core ab blasting to get a six-pack look
  • Supports gravity traction, which reduces stress on the body
  • Increases blood circulation in the body
  • Helps to decompress the spin


The safety belt can hug you too tightly if not adjusted properly

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Get Pain Relief with Health Mark Pro Inversion Chair

The Health Pro inversion chair helps to relieve stress and tension on the spine in just a few sessions. Using the chair regularly will make you flexible and free from muscle pains and aches.

Apart from this, the chair encourages the circulation of blood in the body. When the spinal column has the proper circulation, you will experience less fatigue, stress and back pain.

Angle of Inversion

The unique design of the Mark Pro inversion chair enables it to be inverted up to an angle of 70 degrees. The degree will be achieved while you are still in the correct ergonomic position.

The chair allows you to use the maximum effects of gravity and the assisted traction on the lower lumbar without having to hang completely upside down. Using the inversion chair will reduce the chances of stressing the body as inversion tables do.

There are a number of abdominal exercises you can perform on the chair when the spine, should, neck and back muscles have relaxed. These exercises can help you develop a six pack.

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#2. Stamina Seated Inversion Chair

stamina seated inversion chairStamina is another top manufacturer of quality exercise equipment for home use. The USA-based company has been in business since 1987 and is known for excellently designed home fitness equipment.

The best inversion chair from the company is the Stamina Seated Inversion Chair. The chair has padded hand grips that make inversion easy and allow you to return to an upright position. The chair also has a leg lock system that provides extra security when in the inverted position.

The Stamina Inversion Chair is made of heavy-duty stainless steel frame. The chair has skid-resistant floor protectors that ensure its stability when in use. Its adjustable footrest allows you to be in the correct position and maintains your stability while mounting and dismounting from the chair.

The inversion chair comes with an adjustable tether strap to prevent the inversion from going past your desired angle.

The Stamina chair is among the top-rated inversion chairs as can be seen from customer reviews at Amazon. The chair is easy to use and greatly reduces numbness, twitching and back pain.


  • Made of high-quality heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Ankle supports are foam-padded for comfort
  • The upholstered seat and the back are cushioned
  • Ratchet system for locking legs. You can easily release the ankles by a simple push of a button
  • Provides secure and comfortable inversion therapy
  • Comes with 1-year warranty on the frame and parts


Has a high inversion setting, which can be quite extreme. Make sure you work your way steadily to the angle.

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Stamina: A Trusted Inversion Equipment Company

The Stamina Inversion Chair is a quality back pain reliever that will make you comfortable before the inversion session. If severe back pain or physical issues prevent you from getting on and off the standard inversion table, buy this chair.

The chair’s foam-padded ankle rollers can easily fit snugly around your ankles. People with balance problems, for example seniors, will find this feature beneficial.

The chair can be used by any person, regardless of their height thanks to its adjustable lock system. A push button lever is used to release the leg lock system.

The Stamina Inversion Chair is safe, comfortable and stable. Inverting when using it is simple. You simply need to sit on the seat, up the safety belt and move the chair to its inversion table position.

The chair has a strong tether strap for securing you. The strap stops you from inverting further than you would want to. Apart from this, you can use it to preset the precise inversion angle you want.

The Stamina chair has long, curved handlebars covered in a non-slip material. The handlebars are comfortably padded to make inversion and returning easy.

Finally, the chair back and seat are well padded for comfort. The back supports your spine while the seat supports the hips. It is easy to clean the chair’s padding and upholstery made of black, grey and red vinyl.

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#3. Stamina InLine Inversion System – Inversion Chair

This is another of Stamina’s best inversion chairs you should check.

The Stamina InLine is comfortable and offers great support. The seat is set quite low to the ground to make it easy for anyone to get on and off it. Carrying out your workout with the seat will spare you from ankle pains.

The Stamina InLine Inversion chair has a significant inversion degree that creates traction suitable for relieving muscle and joint pains. If you are looking for a high-quality and affordable inversion chair, this is one of the models to consider.

When you read Stamina Inline Inversion System reviews on Amazon, it is clear that the chair is effective in relieving pain.


  • 250 lbs. maximum user weight
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Its leg adjustment makes it fit users of most heights
  • Has skid-resistant rubber floor protectors for maximum stability
  • Made of heavy-duty stainless steel frame
  • The handlebars are padded for easier inversion and return
  • The upholstery is cushioned with high-density foam padding for comfort


  • You can fully control the inversion degree using the inversion adjustment strap


  • Assembling the chair can be a challenge to some people

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Safety of the Stamina InLine Inversion Chair

The height-to-base ratio of the chair is low given how low its seat it. This also means its center of gravity is low, which improves its stability.

The chair is made from solid steel frames and does not wobble or creak when you are on it. The skid-resistant rubber stabilizers stop the chair from moving and also protect the floor from damage.

The chair is comfortable. Its high-density, small-cell foam padded seat and headrest feel comfortable on the body. There is additional padding on the headrest that forms a pillow to support your head. The foam padding is covered by durable, stitched vinyl upholstery. To clean the chair, simply wipe the vinyl with a damp cloth after your workout session.

You can easily invert the Stamina chair. Simply push back the padded side handles and the chair will slide back to become an inversion table. The chair has three sets of high-density foam rollers for safety. There is also a braided nylon tether strap you can use to choose the specific inversion angle you would like. After choosing the angle, the strap secures the chair in place.

Stamina InLine Inversion System Ankle Holders

During an inversion session on the Stamina InLine, your body will not slide down. It will be held in place by the three sets of high-density foam rollers. The foam-padded rollers will also hold your ankles and behind the knees and spread pressure evenly on them for comfort.

The Stamina inversion chair can be adjusted to match the length of your legs. To do this, adjust the spring-loaded pulled pin that secures the adjustable knee support.

When you sit on the chair and slip the legs into the heel holders, you are ready to tilt. When you start tilting, the legs will remain slightly bent to minimize pressure on your ankles.

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#4. Body Power IT9910 Deluxe Inversion Chair

Body Power Deluxe Inversion ChairThe Body Power also makes it in the list of the best inversion chairs. The chair is built by Body Power, one of the trusted health and fitness manufacturers in the country. Reviews of the Body Power inversion chair on Amazon show it’s a highly functional, stable and excellent chair.


  • Can be used by people that are 5’ to 6’ 5” tall
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • Folds easily for storage
  • Has double safety protection with strap and safety bar
  • Deluxe foam padding
  • New “chair-style” inversion system
  • Highly rated by customers who bought it at Amazon

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Strength and Stability with the Body Power

The Body Power inversion chair is made of heavy-duty materials that make it durable and secure. A 2-inch tubular steel is used to make the stand.

The front legs are spread further apart than the back ones to make a U-shape. This shape provides a greater height-to-base ratio and improves the stability of the chair. The chair has a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

When it comes to safety, the Body Solid inversion chair has a unique maximum angle of inversion. Other inversion chairs use a tether strap to limit the recline angle. With the Body Solid chair, you can limit the recline angle using a long bar that can be slid into designated holes in the frame. This is why the chair is known as the Double Safety Protection with Strap and Safety Bar.

Padded Comfort and Ankle Holders

The Body Solid inversion chair has an ergonomically contoured seat and back support that are padded with high density, small-cell foam for comfort. The padding is covered in durable and quality vinyl upholstery for hygiene. To clean the chair after your workout, simply wipe the vinyl with a damp cloth.

The chair’s side handrails are foam-padded and long enough. You can hold them where comfortable to control the inversion pace. You will also need to hold the handrails to stop the inversion at any time and return the chair to an upright, seated position.

As the chair moves down, you will feel a smooth motion. This is due to a piston that is underneath the chair. The piston ensures the backrest inverts smoothly and gently to flatten in the position you want.

You will not experience any ankle pain when using the Body Solid inversion chair. The chair has four ergonomically-shaped foam rollers that fit snugly into the ankles. The rollers are securely locked at the front using a spring-loaded pin. There is also a release lever you can use to unlock the rollers.

The chair’s footrest is adjustable. You can adjust it to reduce or even eliminate the distance from your instep to the front rollers. You should reduce the distance if you feel your body is slipping during an inversion session.

As we wrap up this Body Solid inversion chair review, it’s obvious that the equipment can help to relieve any kind of back pain. The equipment is also great for full-body workout, alleviating stress and strengthening the core muscles.

During the inversion process, you will feel safe and comfortable. The chair can also accommodate most body types and heights.

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Final Verdict

An inversion chair is comfortable and safe. You can confidently use it for inversion workouts if you usually fall out of a typical inversion table. The chairs are also a new concept and hence you won’t find too much hype about them. However, as more people learn of the chairs, they are likely to shift from inversion tables to the chairs.

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