Smart Back Brace Reviews

Smart Back Brace Reviews

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Looking for Smart Back Brace reviews that can be trusted? You are at the right place. Find out what we discovered about this posture support brace.

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The Smart Back Brace is a smart device designed to help improve your posture. According to the company behind it, Smart Back Brace can improve your posture when you wear it for just 15 minutes a day. Is this true? Read this Smart Back Brace review to find back brace review

The Manufacturer

Smart Back Brace came about from an Indiegogo campaign initiated by the founder of the device; Andy Goubarev. The campaign raised over $33,000 but this was not enough to bring the brace to production. Andy had to contribute his own capital to ensure the product got finished and shipped to backers,

Andy says he struggled with posture problems in the past. The founder had tried different posture correctors in the past but none could produce the results he wanted. This is why he opted to design his own device.

One of the things that makes the Smart Back Brace different from other posture correctors in the market is that it has a small tension sensor on the strap. This sensor notifies you when you are sitting or standing in poor posture.

Check the video below for some features of Smart Back Brace:

What to Consider Before Buying the Smart Back Brace

Poor posture can lead to a number of ailments, including cardiovascular problems, increased stress, and even constipation. Moreover, you will end up looking heavier when you slouch. There is no quick fix for bad posture problems.

Bad posture usually settles in and affects your physical appearance after years. Thus, any health problems you may have due to poor posture will also take time to be corrected.

Slouching is one of the many causes of bad posture. Other causes include osteoporosis, misaligned spine or shoulders, and injuries. When you have poor posture, you can remedy the situation by wearing garments designed to support the shoulders, core, and back. Examples of such garments include long-line bras, girdles, and traditional back braces.

However, if you have poor posture due to hunching over, which is common with people with desk jobs, Smart Back Brace can help you. The posture aid, you can improve your posture and health when you wear it for just 15 minutes every day.

By wearing the brace, you will be retraining your back to align to its natural posture stance. The brace can be worn when you are standing or sitting.

Overview of Smart Back Brace

smart back brace reviewsThe Smart Back Brace does not look like the typical posture corrector. This brace consists of two straps that you have to slip your arms through and tighten them to fit. The straps help to keep the shoulders in place while a small sensor rests on your back. When you start slouching, the sensor will vibrate to remind you to maintain good posture.

The brace has Bluetooth technology. You can connect your smartphone to the device through Bluetooth to receive alerts reminding you to sit upright. The alerts are sent through the Smart Back Brace app. Apart from simply alerting you when you hump over, the app records of how often you do it. You can, therefore, track your progress over time.

Traditional posture braces only hold your back and shoulders in the correct position while you are wearing them. With the Smart Back Brace, your muscles also get retrained to hold proper posture even when you are not wearing the device.

The Smart Back Brace is a great posture aid if you are forgetful and would like to be reminded to maintain the correct posture. The straps of the brace are adjustable. Thus, the device can fit different types of bodies. You will be able to wear the brace whether you are big-boned, tall, stout or tiny.

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Features and Benefits

The Smart Back Brace has various features that make it a suitable posture-corrective device. When worn, the brace holds the shoulders and its sensor alerts will remind you to stop slouching. This posture aid is the perfect remedy for fixing constant hunching. The low-frequency vibration reminders, clavicle brace, and helpful app are all crucial to ensuring you maintain the right posture.

How to Use the Smart Back Brace

fitting the smart back braceThe Smart Back Brace shoulder straps work in a similar manner to other clavicle braces. You have to adjust the straps to achieve a comfortable fit around the shoulders and arms. The straps hold the shoulders in the correct position to ensure you maintain good posture. Therefore, you should adjust them to be a bit tight.

You are likely to find the straps uncomfortable the first few days you start wearing the Smart Back Brace. This is expected since your spine may have curved to a slouching position due to years of poor posture. However, you will get over the discomfort after a few days of wearing the posture corrector.

The straps will help you know where your shoulders should be to maintain good posture and support. The straps will only guide you. However, it will be up to you to maintain this proper posture on your own. And this is where the “smart” component of the brace comes in.

The Smart Part

smart back brace switchThe Smart Back Brace has an electronic device that rests on your back. This device helps to retrain your muscles to hold your body at a more natural position. When you are standing or seated in the correct position, the bones, joints and entire body get the support they need.

The electronic device is light in weight. You won’t notice it much on your back. However, when you start slouching, the sensors inside the device will start vibrating to alert you of your posture.

The vibrations feel a little bit like someone slightly tapping you on the shoulder. With regular reminders to maintain the correct posture by the smart device, you will start being naturally inclined to start or sit properly.

The Smart Back Brace App

smart back brace app

The Smart Back Brace and the electronic device are enough to help you maintain the right posture. However, the posture aid device goes a little further with its phone app. The app will help you know whether you are in the correct posture when wearing the device.

The app can also record each of your sessions. Thus, you can track your postures to know whether you are progressing in your quest to achieve the right posture.

To use the Smart Back Brace, simply download the app and put on the device. Make sure you tighten the brace to fit you properly. Also, make sure the tension is comfortable.

The Battery

smart back brace battery

The Smart Back Brace is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts quite long. The device comes with a microUSB cable that you can use to charge the battery. The posture aid can be charged from a wall outlet, phone charger or computer.

Guarantee Offered

If you do not find the Smart Back Brace right for you, the customer support team can help you get the most of it. If you wish, you can ask for your money back. The company offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. However, to be eligible for a full refund, you must show that you tried the device for a minimum total of 10 hours.

To reach the 10-hour requirement, you will need to wear the device for at least 40 days (if you are wearing it for 15 minutes a day), or 20 days (if you are wearing it for 30 minutes a day).

Remember, the Smart Back Brace app will be tracking your sessions. Therefore, confirm that the app is working accurately and keep track of your progress before the month ends.

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My Experience With the Smart Back Brace

I had not heard of the Smart Back Brace as the company is relatively new in the world of posture aid devices. However, I was excited to try the posture brace and promptly made my order. The device arrived in a nice package after one day. I was not sure how to go about setting it up since the pieces came separately in the box.

The good news is that each box comes with a set of setup instructions. The instructions are easy to follow. You simply need to put the straps onto the main engine of the device. The straps are marked “right” and “left”. Simply follow the pictures in the instructions book to set them up.

After assembling the device, proceed to charge it.

Downloading the Smart Brace App

As the device was charging, I downloaded the Smart Brace App from the Android store. The app is user-friendly and easy to get started with. The Smart Brace device will easily connect to your smartphone’s Bluetooth just like other smart products. When you start the Smart Brace app, you will see whether the device is charging, its battery life and other options to select.

I waited for the device to be 100% charged before starting to test it.

Setting Up the Smart Back Brace

When you have installed the straps, charged the devices and downloaded the app, the next step is to “train” the device to detect your posture. I connected the app to the device easily.

Some people have reported that the app takes some time to connect to the device. I’ve experienced this a couple of times and realized it happens when the device has shut down to conserve power. Therefore, if you notice the app is taking longer than usual to connect, make sure the device is powered on.

The next step was training. This was easily accomplished in just two steps. When you finish the training, try slouching forward in an incorrect posture position to confirm that the device is working as expected. If you slouch and the device does not vibrate, then you have not set it up correctly.

Here are some videos you should watch to help you with the setup process:

How to Assemble the Smart Back Brace

How to Adjust the Smart Back Brace

Tips You Should Know About the Smart Back Brace

  • The device only vibrates when your body is in a poor posture for 5 or more seconds
  • You should accurately set up good and bad posture alerts. If you set up the poor posture to a position that is too extreme, you will hardly hear a buzz when wearing the posture corrector.
  • Ensure the device fits you tightly, but not extremely tightly. It should hold you tightly but comfortably. Tightening the device too much can lead to pain.
  • As you get used to wearing the posture brace, re-train several times. You will get several buzzes over the first few days before you get used to sitting or standing in the proper posture.

I highly recommend you watch the setup and adjustment videos above to get the most out of this posture corrector.

Pros & Cons of the Smart Back Brace


  • Fits most body types
  • Has an app that tracks your progress over time
  • The electronic device buzzes to alert you of poor posture
  • The shoulder straps physically correct your posture
  • The brace works well as a posture trainer
  • You can control or adjust the posture settings anytime


  • Assembling the device can be difficult for some people. However, you will have an easy time if you watch the instruction videos
  • Only works on Android and iPhone smartphones
  • You may be annoyed by the constant vibrations alerting you of poor posture
  • Sometimes, the device may buzz when you are moving around, even when you are in the correct posture
  • The device can lose connection and fail to buzz when you are in a poor position
  • If you are in a loud environment, you may not hear the buzz

My Verdict

If you like to experiment with new technology, you will love the Smart Brace Posture corrector.

The device provides proper support. Its straps hit the right spot on the shoulders and are not too tight. Moreover, you will train your back to correct posture quickly when wearing the device since you will be conscious the electronic buzz will go off when you are in poor posture.

With time, I’ve noticed that the straps can get loose. This is especially if you wear the posture aid for more than an hour. Apart from this, if you prefer wearing your posture corrector all day, keep in mind that the Smart Back Brace cannot be well hidden under the clothes. Thus, you will have to wear it in your car or at home.

Overall, I was pretty impressed with the Smart Back Brace posture aid. This is a great posture corrector to wear at home. However, if you need a corrector to wear to work, you will need a simple one that can be worn under the clothes

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