Causes of Left Side Pain Under Rib Cage and Back

Causes of Left Side Pain Under Rib Cage and Back

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Are you suffering from left side pain under rib cage and back? If so, find out the causes and treatment of the condition.

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If you are experiencing severe pain under your left rib cage, then find out the causes, symptoms, and treatment by going through this article. The rib cage, is also known as the thoracic cavity, it supports the shoulder girdle and surrounds the muscles around the chest. It consists of 24 bones and it acts as a protective covering to some essential organs of the body.

Causes of  Left Side Pain Under Rib Cage and Back

Painful variations under the rib cage might occur due to injuries, acute disorders, or other various basic conditions. Some of the common causes include

An injury might give rise to serious pain under your left rib cage, especially if the affected person is breathing intensely. Chest x-rays help detect injuries around the area. The intensity of the pain might differ depending on the sternness of the injury. In most cases, a serious injury might lead to fracture of the bone.


Left rib cage pain might arise due to Costochondritis too that is caused by crucial infection of the cartridges, which connect the ribs to the breastbone or a severe effect around the rib cage and shoulder. You might suffer from acute pain near the breastbone when breathing deeply. A physical test can help detect this situation.


Left rib pain is a regular problem for those people suffering from indigestion. A pain starting without any trauma around the area might be associated with the digestive problem. The pain mostly occurs after extreme burping after a heavy meal.


This gastrointestinal disorder mostly gives rise to pain in the left side under the ribs. It results from a bacterial infection that is featured by an irritation of the lining of the walls of the stomach. Intestinal inflammation affects your digestive functioning. Vomiting is often a common symptom of such a disease and is usually an inducing cause for the rib pain.

Other causes of left side pain under rib cage include splenic flexure of the syndrome caused by excessive accumulation of gas in the colon that might lead to painful variations of under the left rib cage. Heartburn or acid reflux is also another major cause of this pain caused by the intake of acidic foods or drinks. Other causes are irritation of cartridges, constipation, stomach ulcers, and spleen inflammation.

Symptoms of Pain Under Left Rib Cage

The nature of symptoms of pain under left rib depends on the origin of the disorder. Trauma or injury around the region might give rise to serious pain that might reduce as time goes by. In case of cartridge inflammation, the pain might spread to your arms. A sudden twisting movement might cause this pain but just for a short time. Pregnant women might experience this pain, which is normal and usually felt around the rib area under the breast. When coughing those people with weak immunity might experience severe pain around the rib cage. This might occur if you are suffering from sinusitis too. In case of an injury, the pains are severe during the initial stages. After sometimes, the pains might develop more and hinder your day-to-day activities. Carrying objects like a bucket of water or when breathing, might lead to severe pains too.

Treatment For Rib Cage Pain Under Left Side

Treatment varies according to its basic cause. Successful treatment is possible only after conducting a proper diagnosis. If harmful conditions are diagnosed, you might take ibuprofen but if the pain continues, visit your physician for appropriate medication. Gastric problems might require a change in your diet to eat fruits and vegetables. Mild inflammation of the muscles might need painkillers but for a broken rib, it needs serious medical attention. Tumors along with colon cancers need specialized medicines.

However, if you are experiencing severe pain under left rib cage, it is recommendable you go for a checkup as this will assist you to determine the exact cause of the pain and use appropriate therapy approach for quick recovery.

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