futuro ankle brace review

Futuro Ankle Brace Review

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Read our Futuro Ankle Support review to find out how this brace performs.

Futuro is one of the leading manufacturers of sports products. The company is present in 42 countries around the world and manufactures a complete line of sports supplies. In 2008, the company was acquired by 3M and now operates as its subsidiary.

Futuro was started in 1917 by a young Cincinnati man named George “Jack” Jung, Jr., a sportsperson who understood the importance of game and performance for athletes. He was actively involved in exploring materials that were comfortable and supportive to wear during a game. The Futuro Ankle brace was one of the first products of the company. Later, other products like wrists supports, knee and elbow wraps and braces were developed.

The Futuro products are designed to offer comfort and stability for the wearer. The company has an expert panel consisting of medical specialists, physicians, and engineers who design, develop and review their support products. This is why the company is a trusted name in medical supplies.

The experts are involved in research and development of products that provide support and compression level needed by the wearer. The support devices are aimed to prevent and heal injuries. The products designed offer mild-to-firm compression and stabilizing support. Futuro support products make the lives of the wearer easy and comfortable.

Futuro Ankle Support Review

The best Futuro ankle braces are:
#1. Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle Brace

#2. Futuro Infinity Precision Fit

#3. Futuro Sports Moisture Control

#4. Futuro Sports Deluxe

#5. Futuro stirrup Ankle Brace

#6. Futuro Ankle Brace for Her

#1. Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle Brace

Futuro Sports Adjustable Ankle BraceFuturo ankle brace supports and helps to treat sprained ankles. The Sport Adjustable Ankle support offers strength to weak ankles and treats injured ankles. The durable neoprene ankle brace provides the warmth needed to heal the injured ankles.

The wrap-around style of the ankle brace is easy to wear and take off and allows you to adjust the level of compression applied. Its straps make it easy to adjust according to the comfort the wearer wants. This brace offers moderate support to the ankles and is ideal for people suffering from conditions such as swelling, sprains, arthritis, tendonitis, and general soreness.

The Futuro Adjustable Brace has an open heel that increases breathability and makes your lower foot more mobile. The brace comes in a pair, and can be used on either foot. Wearing the brace will allow you to continue playing or training despite feeling pain on the ankles.


  • Comes in a pair
  • Has an open heel design that encourages breathability
  • Has a heel loop


  • Can feel a little bulky

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#2. Futuro Infinity Precision Fit

The Futuro Infinity Precision Fit Ankle Support provides compression and support to weak, stiff and unstable ankles. This is a low profile contour shape ankle brace designed that offers optimal support and comfort. It has advanced and specially engineered breathable, anti-microbial and high-performanceFuturo Infinity Precision Fit material that offers support to the ankles for daily activities.

The brace has a contour shape, which makes it easy to slip your foot in. Its material has antimicrobial properties that prevent bacteria and odor build-up. The light fabric is breathable, hence you won’t be sweating a lot when wearing the brace.

The Infinity’s comfort straps can be adjusted according to the needs of the wearer to provide support and lift to the heel. A heel strap on the brace provides a more rigid fit. This brace offers a moderate level of support to the ankles, reducing the effects of tendonitis, swelling, arthritis, sprains and general soreness.


  • Enhanced heel strap
  • Made of breathable material
  • Has straps that enhance comfort


  • The wearing instruction are wanting

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#3. Futuro Sports Moisture Control

Futuro Sports Moisture ControlThe Futuro Sport Moisture Control Ankle Support is made of a unique combination of neoprene-blend and polartech power stretch material. The brace is manufactured from a combination of neoprene and Futuro’s own Polartec Power Stretch RX material. The material helps to keep the warmth and limber while releasing excess moisture and heat.

The Futuro Moisture brace has an open heal that aids in mobility and keeps your feet breathable. The brace has dual precision support to lift and support the arch of the foot. The Futuro wrap around ankle support is also easy to take on and off.

The ankle brace is lightweight and will fit seamlessly under your shoe.

The Futuro Sports Moisture Control is a specially designed ankle brace for sports and other vigorous activities. The anti-microbial material is breathable and prevents the formation of odor-causing bacteria. The brace offers moderate support to the ankles and is ideal for weak, stiff and unstable ankles.

This brace can be worn on either foot.


  • Made of an anti-microbial material
  • Open heel for easy slip in and out
  • Polartec Power Stretch RX material


  • No stabilizer support

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#4. Futuro Sports Deluxe

Futuro Sports DeluxeThe Sport Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer offers strength and protection to unstable and weak ankles. It is the best ankle brace for athletes suffering from recurring ankle injuries. When you wear the brace, you can continue playing despite having an ankle injury.

The Futuro Sports Deluxe is worn over the socks and inside the sports shoes to protect your ankle while ensuring mobility. The brace is made of durable materials that are flexible but also provide rigid support.

The breathable, moisture-wicking, and durable material offers support and warmth to the injured ankles. The brace has an adjustable closure for a customized fit and support. It is also designed to offer moderate stabilizing support to the ankles.

The Sport Deluxe Ankle Stabilizer is ideal for a person suffering from arthritis and ankle sprains. It could be worn easily under any athletic shoe for optimum performance during sports.

The brace has stabilizers on the side that restrict the lateral movement of the ankle joint. Its adjustable closure ensures you can get a good fit while the straps lift and support the ankle.

This ankle brace is easy to slip on and off thanks to its ergonomic design. The brace and also be worn on either foot.


  • Has reinforced side stabilizers
  • Features adjustable closures
  • Moisture-wicking properties that prevent odor


  • Is not double-stitched and hence can get worn out quickly.

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#5. Futuro Stirrup Ankle Brace

futuro stirrup ankle braceThe Futuro Stirrup Ankle Brace offers comfortable, rigid support and protection in case of severe ankle injuries. The anatomically-designed shell helps to limit the lateral movement of the ankle that causes injury.

The ankle brace has a soft edge design that provides comfort when worn under shoes. Its inflatable air cells enhance circulation and reduce the swelling of the ankles. This brace has adjustable straps and hence can be customized to your exact fit. The brace provides firm stabilizing support to the ankles and is the best ankle brace for athletes.


  • Breathable adjustable material
  • Anatomically designs to limit lateral ankle movements


  • Does not offer rigid support

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#6. Futuro Ankle Brace For Her

futuro ankle brace for herThe Futuro Ankle Brace For Her is another brace you may want to buy. This brace is exclusively designed for women but has the same features as the Futuro Sports Deluxe.

The brace is easy to put on and is made from breathable material with great wicking properties. This ankle brace can be worn on either foot.

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Other Futuro ankle products include Wrap around Ankle Support, Comfort Lift Ankle Support, and others that are designed to offer mild support to the ankles.

Futuro Ankle Brace Alternatives

The best Futuro ankle brace alternatives are:

Futuro Ankle Brace Review Conclusion

The Futuro ankle braces are available on Amazon from Futuro official store. The affordable range of maximum support ankle braces makes the company one of the best ankle brace manufacturing companies.

The best Futuro ankle brace is the Futuro Sports Deluxe. This brace has an adjustable closure and reinforced side stabilizer.

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