Do Shoulder Compression Sleeves Work?

Do Shoulder Compression Sleeves Work?

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Compression sleeves are tight, elastic bands of fabric that you can either wear on your arms or legs to promote blood flow. Unlike regular socks, compression sleeves are usually designed with some compression gradient to encourage blood to flow back to the heart.

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Shoulder compression sleeves are worn snugly around the upper arm and shoulders. They come in different designs with some fitting on one side of the shoulder just like a sleeve while others feature straps with hook and loop fasteners that you can tie around the body and underneath the opposite arm.

Compression is one of the most effective ways to reduce swelling, inflammation pain and discomfort. Shoulder compression usually improves blood circulation in the affected area to aid in the healing process. And this is where the shoulder compression sleeves come in. They are found in pharmacies.

Shoulder compression sleeves also promote immobilization and stability by offering the right amount of support on the rotator cuff and shoulder muscles. They also help position the shoulder properly to prevent further injury.

Do Shoulder Compression Sleeves Work?

Dealing with shoulder injuries is a bit tricky since the shoulder joint is made up of several ligaments and tendons which makes it a complex joint.

For the most part, going under the knife for a shoulder injury isn’t quite necessary. But this doesn’t rule out the pain since you’ll need extra support around the affected area while going about your business. In such cases, compression sleeves will come in handy to help reduce pain and speed up the recovery process. So, do shoulder compression sleeves work?


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Primall Shoulder Brace for Men and Women


Shoulder compression sleeves are lightweight and sturdy for long-lasting durability. They are equally affordable and easy to use since you can effortlessly put them on and take off with one hand. Plus, they help improve performance by pushing blood towards the heart and preventing it from collecting and pooling in compressed areas. The compression level or pressure usually depends on the size and type of the compression sleeve. Some compression sleeves have padding while others are non-padded.

Do Shoulder Compression Sleeves Work?

Yes! Plus, they have a lot of health benefits especially when you use it for shoulder pain including:

  • Preventing further injury
  • Helping speed up the recovery process as it helps eliminate unnecessary stress
  • Reducing inflammation and swelling
  • Reducing pain and discomfort

A high-quality shoulder compression sleeve provides the right amount of support to keep the shoulders warm and increase proprioception. Proprioception typically means the ability of knowing where the body is in space and maneuvering safely around the environment.

Why Wear Shoulder Compression Sleeves

Shoulder compression sleeves helps promote blood circulation in the affected area and reduce pain in the affected area. You can wear a shoulder compression sleeve when the pain persists even after the injury heals. They help compress the shoulder muscles and tissues while allowing you to go about your business freely without sacrificing functionality, support and comfort.

Shoulder compression sleeves also makes you aware of the shoulder positioning for safety purposes. Plus, you can wear a shoulder compression sleeve for as long as you can especially if it helps alleviate pain. You can start of by wearing it daily then gradually reduce the amount of time you wear it when you feel comfortable.

Copper Compression Recovery Shoulder Brace
Copper Compression Recovery Shoulder Brace


Can I Wash My Shoulder Compression Sleeve?

Most shoulder compression sleeves are machine washable. However, it’s always recommended to put them on a cold water gentle cycle and air dry to maintain quality and avoid damaging the fabric. Check the care instructions guide when buying since some of them are not machine washable.

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