ComfyMed Posture Corrector Reviews [Clavicle Support Brace]

ComfyMed Posture Corrector Reviews [Clavicle Support Brace]

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After reading dozens of unsatisfying Comfymed Posture Corrector reviews, we decided to buy the product and test it ourselves. This is what we found out.

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Comfy Med is a family-owned business that manufactures superior quality health products, including posture correctors. The company is committed to customer satisfaction and offers 100% money-back guarantee on all its products.comfymed posture corrector

Comfy Med offers a wide range of health products, including breathable mesh belt-style back braces and sports back braces. However, their most popular product is the figure-eight posture support brace.

Most of the company’s products have “Easy Grip Handles”, which make them easy to use. Apart from this, there is an optional lumbar pad that can be used with different products.

Comfy Med provides instruction guides on how to use its products. Some of the products also come with exercise guides you can follow to transform your back.

Let’s get started with this review of the Clavicle Support Brace CM-PB16

ComfyMed Posture Corrector Reviews

The ComfyMed posture corrector clavicle chest support is a unisex figure-eight brace meant to relieve upper back pain and improve shoulder alignment, thoracic kyphosis, and poor posture. The brace features a hybrid design that makes it comfortable. The device is lightweight and will allow you to move without any restrictions. The brace is also easy to adjust and wear.

There is no denying that the Clavicle Support Brace CM-PB16 has an excellent design. However, there are a number of areas where it falls short. Read on to find out about my experience with this thoracic posture brace.


My Experience with ComfyMed Posture Corrector Clavicle

comfymed posture corrector reviewsI first tested this posture support brace in the house. When I removed the brace from the box, I immediately noticed one design flaw: too bulky. The Clavicle Support brace has dense straps that make it quite weird wearing under the clothes.

I wore the CM-PB16 and started doing a few chores around the house. From there, I sat down to read and later had dinner. What I felt is that the CM-PB16 wasn’t encouraging me to be in the correct posture. Well, it wasn’t as good as other braces I have tested before like the Bax-U support brace.

With that said, I think I may have ordered a brace that was too big for my size. I tried tightening the brace and was still unable to get rigid posture support, even at the maximum tightness.

An easy way of determining whether a posture brace is good is by putting stress on the inner back muscles or pulling the shoulders firmly. However, with the ComfyMed support brace, I did not feel this.

However, one thing I noted is that the posture support felt better when I sat down.

Pros of the ComfyMed Support Brace

One of the pros I have to mention about the ComfyMed Support Brace is the padding it has around the shoulder areas. The padding makes wearing the brace comfortable. However, the padding also has a tendency to bunch up under the arms.

With this brace, I could slouch forward. When seated at my desk, I could easily slouch to the poor posture the brace is supposed to correct. After some time, it was clear that the little posture support that the Clavicle Brace offered became less apparent. Within no time, I was back to my poor posture as the brace was not helping my body be conscious of the correct posture I’m supposed to adhere to.

Another issue I have with the ComfyMed posture corrector clavicle chest support brace is the length of the straps. The straps hung down in front of me. While this hanging does not prevent the brace from functioning the way it should, it is annoying. Perhaps the hanging was due to the fact that I ordered a large brace. Since there is no place to tuck the hanging straps, you will have to get used to it.

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On the course of wearing the ComfyMed CM-PB16, I realized that it mostly applied pressure by pulling the shoulders back. Some people prefer this method. However, I don’t like my shoulders being pulled to the back to correct my posture. Instead, I prefer posture correctors that straighten the posture by strengthening the back muscles and aligning the spine. Studies have shown this method is healthier and more effective in the long run.

As I end this ComfyMed posture corrector review, I now think I may have expected too much from the device in terms of posture correction. The device is actually meant for relieving clavicle fractures, upper back pain, and kyphosis. When it comes to posture correcting, it really does not do the most excellent job.

At its best, this is a mid-range back straightener thanks to its design.

One thing that may attract you to the ComfyMed brace corrector is its low price. If you have a tight budget and do not have severe posture problems, the CM-PB16 is a strong contender to consider. However, for medium and severe posture problems, I would recommend you go for a different posture corrector.

My Verdict

The ComfyMed posture corrector is an excellent posture aid for various conditions such as kyphosis. However, if you solely want it for posture correction, it leaves a lot to be desired.

When wearing the device, its padding can get bunched under your arms. Moreover, the adjustor straps are long and get in the way of doing things. Finally, the device’s pressure is inadequate to make your body conform to the correct posture.


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