BetterBack Posture Support Review

BetterBack Posture Support Review

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I’d read various Better Back reviews online and wanted to find out whether the posture corrector works. This si my experience.

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One of the best ways of preventing neck and back pain is by maintaining good posture. Apart from this, standing, walking or sitting in the correct posture can make you look slimmer and younger.

Maintaining good posture will improve your mood and make you productive at work. If you have poor posture, you can retrain your spine to align in the correct position by using posture training aids.

sitting with better back posture corrector

People who work 7-8 hours a day, most of which is spent seated on a desk, are likely to suffer from back and neck pains. Sitting for these long hours is unhealthy.

You may already be struggling with back pain and may be consciously trying to sit in the correct posture. However, in the course of the day, it is easy to forget and slip back into a slouching position. Luckily, you can maintain good posture and not worry about forgetting it with the help of a posture corrector such as BetterBack.

In this BetterBack posture review, we will look at how the device works, its benefits and our concerns. But first off, let’s get into some history of the posture aid.

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BetterBack History: Appearance on Shark Tank

The BetterBack is a posture corrector that automatically aligns your spine to the correct posture when worn. The product debuted on Shark Tank in 2016 and is designed to help people who sit for hours every day get relief from back pain.

According to the company, you only need to wear the posture corrector for 15 minutes a day to ease back pain and improve your posture. If you wish, you can wear the device longer.

Posture can affect your mood, motivation and overall health. When in poor posture, you can become moody and experienced reduction in productivity. Using BetterBack posture will help you maintain the correct posture.

Before its debut in Shark Tank, the device had raise over $1.6 million on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, supported by over 20,000 backers. If nothing else, this shows how many people suffer from back pain and need a solution.

Getting Started With the BetterBack Posture Trainer

The BetterBack fitting instructions are simple. To wear it, stand on the floor and wrap the back pad around your body. After this, hook the knee pads just above your knees and sit on a chair. Then lean forward and grab the adjustable leg straps and pull them up as you recline to sit up straight. Make sure the device is comfortably tight.

For even better posture training, use the provided center clip to keep your legs together.

There is no one specific way to wear BetterBack posture trainer. You can wear the trainer in different ways to discover the option you prefer. Check the video below on how to wear the BetterBack.

NOTE: It is not safe to wear the BetterBack posture when driving.

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Better Back Reviews: My Experience

When I came across the BetterBack posture trainer, I was eager to test. I work at a desk job and occasionally experiences back pain. If you are like me, you may usually end up with a painful back at the end of the day.

I ordered the BetterBack from Amazon, and it was shipped in 2 days.better back posture corrector

When I opened my package, the first thing I noticed is that the posture aid is not designed to pull the shoulders back. While many posture correctors pull the shoulders back to help someone achieve the right posture, this is not recommended. Studies show that working on the spine rather than the shoulders is more effective in attaining proper posture in the long run.

Wearing the posture aid for the first time was a little challenging. I have long legs and hence struggled a little bit to tighten the straps. However, in a few minutes, I was finally able to fit the aid correctly. Moreover, I had ignored the instruction guide that would have made things easier for me. When you get your corrector, save yourself trouble by going through the instruction guide.

I wore the BetterBack for about 2 hours on the first day. All the time I was wearing the corrector, my posture was rigid and my feet were flat on the floor. For comfort, I crossed my legs a few times as I wasn’t used to maintaining a correct, rigid posture that the corrector was aligning my spine too.

About 45 minutes of wearing BetterBack, my face was a bit flushed. My muscles were experiencing some difference in the posture the corrector enabled me to maintain. If you have poor posture, expect to experience something similar the first few days of using the corrector.

BetterBack enabled me to maintain proper posture and I realized my productivity was quite high at the time. I did not feel like getting up the desk since I did not want to remove and wear the brace again. Moreover, I was more focused with my feet flat on the floor.

I wore the posture corrector the next day at work and it was evident my productivity had improved. Today, I cannot go to work without the BetterBack posture corrector.

Unique and Innovative Design

better back posture corrector designWhen you wear the BetterBack posture brace, you will not lean on your chair. Instead, you will be leaning on the brace for support. This means you will be supporting yourself in the correct posture while relaxing on the posture brace instead of on the chair.

If you have used a standing desk before, the feeling is similar. It may not be as relaxing as leaning on a chair, but it is healthy and will keep you alert.

BetterBack posture brace provides amazing support on the lower back. The posture brace focuses on stabilizing the pelvis. This is a non-traditional way of improving posture. Other posture correctors usually pull the shoulders to help you achieve the correct posture.

Muscle Training

The BetterBack’s straps can be adjusted to provide a good fit. There is also a clip you can move forward or back between your legs to either bring them closer or take them further apart. When you start feeling uncomfortable with your feet flat on the floor, you can adjust the clip to be able to move the legs

When wearing BetterBack brace during the first few days, some of your muscles may be stiff. This usually happens if you wear the device for a long time during the first days. To avoid muscle stiffness, start by wearing the device for a few minutes (about 15 minutes) a day and then gradually increase the wearing time over the weeks.

Easy to Use

BetterBack brace is easy to use. After wearing it for some time, your muscles start getting used to the new posture. With every passing day, you will be correcting your posture no matter how many minutes you are wearing the brace. You will also be more productive at work and in a good mood. Any back pains you may have been struggling with will slowly start to ease out.

Wearing the posture back on a daily basis provides maximum benefit. However, start wearing it for a few minutes a day before gradually increasing to hours. For example, you can wear the corrector for 15 minutes during the first week, then move to 20 minutes the next week, and so on.

Better Back Reviews:  Pros & Cons

BetterBack posture brace is one of the best posture correctors in the market. Below are the pros and cons I found out about the product.


  • Great product concept. The brace supports the lower back rather than pulling the shoulders to correct the posture
  • Affordable prices at both Amazon
  • Provides 100% posture correction, not just a temporary fix
  • Easy to wear. You will get used to putting it on quickly.


  • If you wear the corrector for hours during the first few days, it can cause muscle stiffness. Thus, you should build up the wearing time slowly.
  • Can only be worn when sitting down. If you spend most of your day standing (e.g. doctors, nurses, construction workers, etc.) and want better posture, this is not the best corrector to buy.

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My Verdict

BetterBack is one of the best posture correctors I’ve tested. The brace’s concept is innovative and perfect for those who spend most of the day seated. When you are seated in the correct posture, your mood and productivity will also improve.

I highly recommend the BetterBack if you are looking for a posture corrector that does not pull the shoulders back. You can get the brace at

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