Bax-U Posture Corrector Review – Does it Really Work?

Bax-U Posture Corrector Review – Does it Really Work?

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Looking for Bax U Posture Support reviews? If so, this article is for you.

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bax-u posture correctorThe Bax-U (pronounced as “Back’s You”) is a traditional posture support device that can be worn on top or under the clothes. The posture support is made in the United States and consists of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. To wear the brace, you have to fasten it around the shoulders and chest using elastic straps. The straps have a loop and hook (Velcro) attachment system.

On the body, the device is made of two parts of silky polyester materials sewn together. The brace-fastening straps are sewn between the two layers.

The Bax-U posture brace has one elastic 2” wide strap that wraps from the rear and fastens at the front. The Velcro design of the strap enables it to be fastened at any position.

There are two 1.5” wide shoulder straps on both sides of the posture brace. You can adjust the straps to provide various levels of support. On the upper shoulder areas, there are eyelets through which each strap runs before fastening at the front. When you tighten the straps, more resistance is created and your shoulders are pulled back into the “good posture” position.

Bax-U posture support is thin and discreet. It is virtually undetected when worn under the clothes. The thickest components of the support brace are the chest and shoulder straps, which are 2” thick. The actual body of the brace is quite thin, measuring less than 1mm.

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Creator of Bax-U

Dr. Ghassemi, a California Chiropractor, invented the Bax-U

The creator of Bax-U posture corrector is Dr. Romina Ghassemi, a chiropractor practicing in San Pedro, California. Dr. Ghassemi invented Bax-U after seeing many patients complain of degenerative arthritis, shoulder blade tension, back pain, neck pain, headache, numbness, and tingling of the fingers.

During her years of practice, Dr. Romina Ghassemi noticed that the majority of people that suffered from the mentioned concerns had one thing: poor posture.

In 2007, she started researching a solution that could help people overcome poor posture. In took 2 years for the final product she envisioned to be released. The Bax-U posture system came into the market in 2009.

Dr. Ghaseemi’s company, Think Healthy, is behind Bax-U posture corrector. In 2014, Bax-U was registered with the FDA as a Class I medical device.

Dr. Ghassemi’s Credentials

Dr. Ghassemi holds a Doctorate of Chiropractic (1995) from the University of Southern California of Health Sciences. After university, she opened her first practice where she worked as a biochemical specialist. In 2011, she opened Opus Medical Center, in San Pedro, CA. where she is the clinic director. The center has a great reputation as can be seen on Yelp.

With over 20 years of experience in the chiropractic field, Dr. Ghassemi had the knowledge and experience to create the best posture corrector.

Bax U Posture Support Reviews: How to Use the Product

When ordering the Bax-U posture support, get the correct size from the five sizes available.

preparing the bax u posture corrector
Before putting on, feed the shoulder straps through the metal loops.

After unpacking the support brace, pass each strap through the metal eyelet on the shoulders. After this, wrap the straps around and fasten the Velcro “hook” against the “loop”. There is no need to be concerned about the position of the straps at this point as you can adjust them later on.

Wear the Bax-U support brace just like you would a normal vest. The main body should be against your back. Pull the support brace firmly to ensure it is positioned around the rib cage, just below the pectoral muscle. After this, hold and fasten the chest straps together at the center of your chest. Fasten snugly but not tightly. The straps should not have made your skin change color when you remove the brace.

After fastening the chest strap around the rib cage and pulling it down slightly, stand up tall. Unhook each of the shoulder straps at a time to adjust them. Adjust the straps to be comfortable while ensuring the support aid rolls gently on your back.

The Bax-U support brace should be worn for 2- 6 hours every day. Keep the shoulder straps in the same position for maximum benefit. After about 6 weeks of using the brace, you can adjust the straps.

You should start attaining the proper posture after using the strap for a few weeks.

Color and Size Options

fitting the bax u posture corrector

The Bax-U brace comes in three colors: white, black and transparent colorless. For size, you can choose from x-small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L), and extra-large (XL).

It’s important to know the right size posture brace to buy. To determine the right size, measure around your chest 1 inch below your pectoral muscle. Follow the guide below to determine the correct size:

X-Small 22″-26″
Small: 28″-34″
Medium: 36″-42″
Large: 44″-50″
X-Large 52″+

If your measurement falls in-between the above sizes, for men, measure up to the next largest size. For women, size down to the next smallest size.

For example, if a man measures 38” (medium size), he should order the next size up, which is Large. For a woman measuring 38” (small), she should size down to the next size, which is Small.

Cost of Bax-U Posture Support Brace

The Bax-U is an affordable posture brace that is currently available on Amazon. The price is a little higher than that of other support systems since this is one of the best posture braces in the market.

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Get the Bax-U Posture Corrector for Free

Do you want to get the Bax-U for free? Yes, you can, but with some time and patience.

You can get the posture corrector for free if your insurance provider covers it. Talk with your insurance company to find out whether the device is covered. If the corrector is covered, you will have to pay for it and then file for reimbursement from your provider.

To be eligible for reimbursement, the Bax-U must be prescribed to you by your doctor as a medical necessity. After getting a prescription, request the company to offer you the form named “Prescription and Certification of Medical Necessity”. You will have to mail the form to your insurance provider, along with the sales receipt from Bax-U for a reimbursement.

You can always seek a letter of medical necessity from your doctor if you have bought the Bax-U. However, we recommend you first find out from your doctor whether he/she will be willing to complete the form before you order. Also, confirm that your insurance company covers the device.

Bax-U Posture Corrector Review: The Test

Arrival and Assembly

bax-u posture corrector packageWe had to try this device as it has constantly been rated as one of the best posture braces in the market. Is the rating simply due to a chiropractor being behind it or does it work? We put the corrector to the test

Before ordering the Bax-U, I measured around my rib cage. I’m 38” at the chest and hence the medium size (BAXoo2) would seem the best fit.

I order the product from Amazon (which has the best prices), and it took 3 days for the corrector to arrive. The corrector was neatly packed in a box and came with fitting instructions.

I closely examine the construction of the Bax-U corrector. The main portion consists of two durable non-elastic polyester materials. A fairly heavy-duty thread has been used to sew the chest and shoulder straps in between the two main layers. I tugged the straps and the threads were clearly intact. The threads did not show any signs of separating from the main body,

Overall, I have to give it to Bax-U for the well-constructed product. Without a doubt, this is a product that will last a long time.

I read the fitting instructions and laid the Bax-U brace on the table, guided the shoulder straps through the metal eyelets and then secured them on the other end using the Velcro fastening. The support brace was ready for wearing.

Wearing the vest is easy; it’s just like wearing a vest. After wearing, I pulled down the posture aid around my rib cage, ensured the straps were not twisted before finally securing the chest straps. I also adjusted the shoulder straps to make them comfortable.

The Bax-U was ready for the test!

Instant Support

I noticed an immediate difference in my posture when I put on and secured the Bax-U posture corrector. My shoulders were pulled back and I could feel I was standing taller. I looked into the mirror and saw the difference in my posture.

Here’s how I looked before and after:

bax u before and after

For the first day, I wore the Bax-U support brace in the house. I wore it for 3 hours while doing household tasks. When I removed the brace, I could feel my poor posture returning. I know it takes time to get the correct posture even when using a support brace. The muscles have to be retrained over time to be in the correct position,

Wearing the Bax-U at Work

I wore the Bax-U support brace at work the following day. I am an accountant and hence spend most of the day seated and slouched while working behind a computer. I know my poor posture is mainly due to the way I sit at work. Therefore, I was eager to see whether the Bax-U would make any difference.

On the first day, I wore the brace under the shirt. However, I quickly realized it is uncomfortable. Therefore, I switched and wore it on top of my vest. If you wear the brace next to your skin, make sure secure the Velcro strap such that the “hook” fabric is covered completely by the “loop” material. If you don’t do this, the Velcro material will irritate your skin.adjusting the straps of bax up posture corrector

While seated on my desk, the posture aid kept my shoulders rolled back, ensuring I sat straight. As the day went on, I found myself unconsciously leaning forward to look at the computer screen. The Bax-U support kept bringing my shoulders to the back. Anytime I tried to slouch, the support tightened against my shoulder blades, reminding me to sit upright.

For the next 30 days, I wore the Bax-U for 4 hours. I also loosened the straps for twenty minutes after the first two hours.

Comfort and Mobility

The major flaws that most posture correctors have relate to comfort and mobility. Surprisingly, the Bax-U support brace excelled in these areas. The posture aid is not only comfortable to wear but also non-restrictive.

For comfort, I suggest you wear the Bax-U on top of an undershirt. The straps that go under the armpits are flat and therefore distribute resistance over a larger surface area. The wideness of the straps prevents them from digging into your skin. Wearing the posture corrector feels comfortable until you start slouching.

When you start to slouch, the corrector will tighten at your shoulders. This will make you want to adjust to the right upright posture. The corrector does not allow you to comfortably lean your shoulder forward while wearing it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get the correct posture. The tightness of the shoulders will remind you to maintain the correct posture. Generally, the Bax-U posture corrector is comfortable to wear as long as you are maintaining good posture.

With some posture aids we have reviewed in the past, we found it difficult to do certain activities. With the Bax-U, this is not the case. The corrector’s open-arm design allows your arms and upper body to have a full range motion. Therefore, you can perform every day tasks such as exercising, golfing, driving, biking, yard work, bending over to pick items, etc. with ease.

You can do all the normal tasks while wearing the Bax-U while still maintaining the correct posture.


Most people like posture correctors that can are concealed when worn. The last thing you want as a man is to be seen wearing something that looks like a bra.

bax u hidden under clothing
The Bax-U Posture Corrector stays concealed under the clothes

The Bax-U is the thinnest posture corrector and hence hides well under the clothes. Most of the time, I wear the posture aid over an undershirt and then cover it with a T-shirt, polo or dress shirt. It is impossible to detect that someone is wearing the Bax-U.

However, if you usually wear tight-fitting clothes, the straplines can be seen. Most guys won’t find this to be a big deal.

For men, keeping a posture corrector concealed is a big deal. For women, it’s not really a big deal.

For female readers, the Bax-U can be worn with or without a bra. However, the posture aid itself does not provide breast support.


bax-u posture corrector performanceI used Bax-U for 30 days and noticed a great improvement in my posture. Apart from this, I’ve had a greater awareness of my posture even when not wearing the support brace.

The first few days of wearing the corrector, I resumed my “poor posture” when I removed it. However, after about a week, I subconsciously began correcting my posture when I began slouching.

The Bax-U has retrained my muscle memory and today, I maintain good posture without using the support. My muscles have eventually taken over and the core muscles aligned in the correct posture.

Overall, I highly recommend Bax-U as the best posture corrector in the market. The device is effective, concealable, easy to use and comfortable. When wearing it, you will be able to perform normal tasks without any issues. Moreover, the brace will retrain your muscles to make you maintain the correct posture even when not wearing it.

The Bax-U is one of the best posture aids for anyone that wishes to improve their posture.

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  • Made in the USA
  • Fits great; available in different sizes
  • Comes in three colors (black, white and colorless)
  • Can be adjusted to custom fit
  • Designed by a reputable chiropractor


  • Works as intended; corrects bad posture
  • Can be worn by children
  • Can be reimbursed by your insurance company since it’s a medical device
  • Durable – Well constructed and will last long
  • Unisex – Can be worn by both men and women
  • Non-restrictive. You can wear it anywhere; at the gym, at work, around the house, etc.
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to conceal under the clothing


  • The price is quite high compared to other posture correctors
  • If you are wearing it over your skin, make sure you completely cover the Velcro to avoid irritation.


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