BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Review

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Review

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backjoy sitsmart posture plusLooking for authentic Backjoy SitSmart review? We bought the product and tested it. Find out how it performs.

Back pain is one of the common ailments caused by poor posture. In my quest to get rid of my poor posture, I bought a BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Support from Amazon.

According to the manufacturer, the product provides lower back pain relief and lumbar support. Moreover, it will enable you to sit in the correct posture.

From the reviews I came across, I learned that the chair is suitable for use in nearly any environment, include in a car, at home or the office. This is one of the things that made me try the chair.

Backjoy Posture Review: Overview of the Product

The company behind BackJoy Posture Support Chair is known as BackJoy. This American company’s tag is “Relieve, Align, Improve”. The tag is used to promote most posture support products manufactured by Backjoy. The company’s mission is to help people eliminate back pain.

BackJoy products come in modern designs. All the products are designed to eliminate back pain, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

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BackJoy Products

All of BackJoy’s products are designed to eliminate back pain. The products include massage tools, bands, pillows, seats, cushions and bath seats. The company has produced multiple videos to educate customers how to use its variety of products.

BackJoy posture seats come in various colors. The company also manufactures posture corrector seats for children.

Among the popular BackJoy posture seats is the SitSmart range (SitSmart Posture Plus and SitSmart Traction). Other posture products from the company include Back Massager, Ergonomic WheelChair Sit and the Backjoy Bath Seat.

I bought the SitSmart Posture Plus and this is what I will be focusing on in this review.

BackJoy SitSmart Posture Plus Review

sitting on backjoy sitsmart posture plusHaving struggled with back pain for a long time, I was curious to find out how BackJoy’s posture seats compare to the normal posture correctors in the market. I bought the SitSmart Posture Plus from Amazon specifically to compare it with PostureNow, which I have usually considered the best brace for sitting at a desk.

As an accountant at a Fortune 1000 company, I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk every day as I crunch numbers on the computer. By the end of the day, my back is usually stiff and painful. I wanted to find out whether SitSmart Posture Plus works as good, or even better, like PostureNow that I usually use.

When researching about BackJoy posture seats, I was eager to try them. The seats have traction that prevents them from slipping while sitting on them. You can sit on them on nearly any type of surface, be it rough or smooth.

When my seat arrived, I got it out of the pack, put it on a soft chair and sat in. I noticed the seat is firm and inflexible. If you have used a posture corrector cushion, you know it is soft. This cannot be said of the SitSmart Posture Plus. While the seat was comfortable, I did not feel it changed my posture at all.

For my next test, I sat on the SitSmart Posture Plus in my home office chair. The chair has in-built lumbar support and is quite comfortable. I was thinking that since the SitSmart seat did not really have an impact when I used it on a soft chair, perhaps there would be an impact on the office chair. Still, I didn’t feel any impact. I even tried the seat on different chairs the next day at work. The result was the same: no impact felt with regards to the alignment of the spine.

All in all, I must confess I did not get the results I wanted from the SitSmart Posture Plus chair. The BackJoy SitSmart was too small for me. When testing it, I felt like I was sitting on a cushion on top of a chair. I could also move freely while seated on the chair. This made me question the kind of support it provided.

putting backjoy on a seatCome to think of it, I wonder whether I couldn’t feel any impact when seated on the SitSmart Posture Plus because I’m too heavy. From Amazon reviews, I see most people that have given the seat positive ratings have indicated they are medium to petite size.

According to BackJoy, SitSmart Posture Plus can support people weighing up to 300lbs. However, they recommend it for those weighing much less and have a small frame. Moreover, the manufacturer suggests using the corrector seat with a chair without a high back.

I did not feel like the SitSmart Posture Plus had any impact on my posture. However, I have to appreciate the quality of the product. The seat is sturdy and waterproof, making it suitable for use in different environments. The seat would be great for truck drivers or those who drive long distances. The seat’s cushion is thin, offering support without you having to significantly change your driving position.

SitSmart Posture Plus is portable and easy to use. However, it seems it’s only meant for people with a smaller frame.

BackJoy SitSmart Reviews: My Verdict

After trying the SitSmart Posture Plus, I did not switch from PostureNow to this posture seat. The seat is portable, modern and easy to use. Moreover, it met my expectations in terms of posture correcting.

When seated on the SitSmart, I found myself in the same position and did not notice any additional support. There wasn’t any positive difference in my posture or how comfortable I was while working.

The bottom line: If you have a large frame, the SitSmart Posture Plus won’t work for you. If you have a small frame and weigh much less than 300lbs, this is a good, cheap posture seat to try.

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