10 Best Back Braces for Lower Back Pain

10 Best Back Braces for Lower Back Pain

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Which is the best back brace for lower back pain? Read our guide to find out.

There are different reasons why you may suffer from back pain. Some common reasons include issues with the sacroiliac joints in your lower spine, degenerative or herniated discs, muscle strains and even arthritis.

While you can combat back pain in various ways, using a back brace for lower back pain is the least intrusive method. Moreover, using a brace is non-habit forming, unlike may be the case with taking medication.

Which is the best back pain brace to wear when you have to do daily activities? In this review, we highlight the best back braces for lower back pain.

Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain – Comparison Table

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1. Vive Lower Back Brace

best back brace for lower back


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Vive Lower Back Brace is an innovative solution for lower back support. The brace is adjustable, which makes it a better option than other posture aids. You can customize the back posture aid to fit your body shape.

The brace’s belt is made of compression material that helps prevent future muscle injuries while supporting the already injured ones. The adjustable lower back pain brace is comfortable to wear.

Why We Love the Vive Lower Back Brace

  • Designed to protect your lower back muscles and prevent them from getting injured. The brace has reinforced support and fastening.
  • Can be worn by both men and women. Its adjustable straps makes it fit any body size.
  • Has a removable lumbar support, allowing you to customize lower back support.
  • There is added support to the lower back to encourage proper posture.

vive back brace

The Vive Lower Back Brace can accommodate all body sizes (both men and women). See Product.

Recommended for Multiple Use

When your lower back is damaged, you will not only be uncomfortable, but also suffer from poor posture. You can also develop severe pain. To avoid lower back pain, wear Vive brace to:

  • Reinforcing supporting when carrying out daily activities
  • Improving posture
  • Recovering from an operation of a pre-existing injury
  • Moving or lifting heavy objects at work
  • Ensuring the lower back is safe during recreational activities

How to Wear the Vive Lower Back Brace

wearing vive back brace

The Vive back brace is adjustable, ensuring you get a great fit and protecting your back from further pain. (See Product)

Wearing a back brace support is easy. However, for the Vive brace, there are a number of things to keep in mind to get the best results.

  • You can wear the brace directly against the skin. However, to reduce friction, wear the brace on top of a thin material shirt.
  • Wear the brace when engaged in activities that can strain your lower back muscles.
  • When engaging in recreational activities, you can remove the lumbar support to allow more movement.
  • Do not wear the brace 24 hours. Take breaks from wearing it to prevent dependency.
  • Hand wash and air dry the posture aid for optimum lifespan.

Vive Lower Back Brace Reviews by Customers

“Even though I have herniated discs, I do not feel as though I am injured at all when wearing this brace. I never want to take it off” – Joyce M.

“Quality brace and worth the price.” – Samuel R.

“I love this great heavy duty back belt. I highly recommend it to anyone with lower back pain.” Julie P.

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  • You can remove the lumbar pad if you don’t need it
  • Made of breathable and lightweight neoprene. Thus, you will be cool while wearing the back brace
  • Made especially for relieving lower back pain


  • Smaller people may find the brace slightly bulkier

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2. Mueller Adjustable Back Brace

mueller adjustable back brace

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The Mueller Adjustable Back Brace is another of the best lower back brace devices. The brace also has lower lumbar support. This brace is highly recommended if you have lower back muscle spasms, strains and sprains. Apart from this, provides relief from strenuous activities or previous injuries.


  • Made of a combination of rubber, nylon and polyester. This material blend is easy to clean.
  • Has elastic tensions straps that can be adjusted to provide a secure fit.
  • Has steel support that adds stability and makes the brace fits sturdier.


  • There may be problems with fitting. Make sure you order the correct size brace to avoid this.

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3. ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace

comfymed premium quality back brace

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The ComfyMed brace also makes it on the list of the best posture brace for lower back support. The brace helps to relieve pain caused by problems such as osteoporosis, herniated discs, and issues with the sciatica nerve. The posture brace has metal D-rings that enable a tighter fit when you put the belt on.


  • Its innovative design allows more free movement
  • Comes with a removable lumbar pad
  • Made of materials that are easy to clean


  • Sizing can be an issue. Confirm your size before ordering.

Read in-depth ComfyMed brace review here.

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4. QT Lumbar Brace by Calibre Support

Qt lumbar back brace review

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The QT Lumbar Brace by Calibre Support stands out for its excellent fit and concealable nature. The flexible brace is lightweight and allows you to reach down or bend without pain. The posture brace features double compression support to keep all your injured tendons, ligaments, and muscles in place. When you wear the brace, you will remain active as the injuries heal.


  • The belt keeps tight thanks to the double compression technology used to make it
  • Has four reinforcing struts that offer additional stability
  • Fits waist sizes from 30 inches to 42.5 inches


  • May not fit people with larger waist sizes.

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5. Aspen Medical Grace Back Brace – Quickdraw Pro

aspen medical grade back brace

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One of the best ways of staying active while minimizing lower back pain is by using a brace like the Aspen Medical Grade Back Brace. The brace is designed to naturally keep your tendons, ligaments and muscles in place to heal as well as reduce lower back pain. The brace is flexible and will allow you to work pain-free. You will not feel pain when lifting, exercising or doing yard work.


  • Provides a sturdy, precise fit
  • Has pull tabs that allow you to tighten its lower and upper parts independently
  • Made of breathable materials that are easy to wash
  • The non-elastic material provides a lighter fit and is easy to care for


  • Does not come with all the parts shown. For example, you will have to buy the anterior panel separately.

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6. AidBrace Back Support Belt

aidbrace back support belt

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The AidBrace Back Support Belt is also on the list of the best lower back support braces. The brace fits people with 26-inch to 58-inch waists. The back support brace is made from breathable material that is easy to clean. The brace also has a mesh that helps reduce sweating. Finally, the belt does not put undue presses on your abdominal area. This means it is easy to perform different tasks comfortably.


  • Comes with double-side straps that allow it to be adjusted to fits various body sizes
  • The double-side straps also ensure an enhanced fit by preventing slipping
  • Has a lumbar pad that you can insert for additional support.


  • The leather straps are not very durable.

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7. NMT Lower Back Brace

nmt lower back brace

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If you have degenerative conditions associated with lower back pain, sprains or back spasms, get the NMT Lower Back Brace. The posture aide fits waists of between 34 inches and 40 inches. The NMT brace promotes blood circulation in the body while relieving pain at the same time. Made of chemical-free materials and 100 percent latex, this brace is easy to clean and lasts long.


  • Made of lightweight materials, thereby reducing sweating
  • Is adjustable for comfort and a good fit
  • Has bio-magnets that promote healing and increase blood flow using he body’s natural hat


  • There is still debate on whether the magnetic therapy of the brace works.

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8. BraceUp Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace

brace up stabilizing lumbar support

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The BraceUp Stabilizing Lumbar Lower Back Brace is another recommended brace for lower back pain. The posture brace is designed to allow you full movement while comfortably supporting the lower back. The brace is comfortable and will fit your waist snugly to prevent bunching or slipping,

The BraceUp back brace can fit from waist sizes 28 to 53 inches and comes in three sizing levels.


  • Made of breathable mesh that keeps you dry
  • Extra lower back support is provided by the brace’s “stays”
  • Has two adjustable straps that you can use to make it fit snugly
  • The dual adjustable straps can be used to adjust the compression


  • It can be confusing to determine the right size to order

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9. Bax-U Posture Corrector

bax-u posture support

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This brace is specifically designed to target the sacroiliac joints of your spine. The Bax-U posture corrector stabilizes your lower back while relieving pressure. If your waist measures from 27.5 inches to 57 inches, get this lower back brace.


  • Has finger pockets that make it easy to put on and remove
  • Made of non-elastic material and has adjustable tension straps to immobilize the spine and SI joint to prevent injury
  • Has a soft pad system that massages your pelvis areas and lower back while you are moving


  • May not be comfortable if you have a bigger posterior

Read in-depth review of the Bax-U posture corrector.

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10. NeoTech Care Adjustable Deluxe Double Pull Lumbar Brace

neotech care adjustable brace

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Winding up the list of the best braces for lower back pain is the NeoTech Care brace. This posture aid prevents lower back pain by reducing strain through the elastic side panels. Made of highly breathable materials that reduce sweating, the brace can be adjusted for a proper fit with Velcro fasteners.


  • Made of breathable material that encourage natural warmth and provides added pain relief
  • Its double-wide construction provides additional lower back support
  • Is durable thanks to the stitching along the edges


  • The Velcro fastener may detach

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Why You Need the Best Back Brace for Back Pain

To provide additional support on your spine and reduce back pain, back braces may seem like an obvious choice. However, it’s important to know their pros and cons.

i)                    Promotes healing

Back braces promote healing. The braces immobilize the ligaments, tendons and muscles in your back to ensure they heal properly after an injury.

ii)                  Improve posture

The best back braces for lower back improve your posture.

One of the downsides of wearing a back brace is that you can end up being dependent on them. Wear a back brace is only encouraged when recovering from a back injury, to relieve pain or improve posture. If you wear a brace for too long, it can lead to muscles atrophy, making them weaker.

Choosing the Best Back Brace for Lower Back Pain

There are various factors you should consider when looking for the best lower back brace for a condition you have. The factors include features and materials.


Check the features of the lower back brace you are interested in buying. Below are the main features to consider:

  • Check whether the brace has padding and other soft materials that make it comfortable to wear over long periods.
  • The best back braces for lower back pain have adjustable straps that fit them properly.
  • Braces that have inserts provider additional support. The inserts may be made of plastic, metal or other durable materials.


Find out what the back brace is made of. You want a brace made of quality materials. The materials should be:

  • Easy to clean. The back brace need to be cleaned from time to time. Materials such as rubber, polyester and nylon are easy to clean.
  • Quality construction. Pay attention to the construction of the back braces you are evaluating. Materials that are solidly stitched are better and last longer.

Confirm that the posture aid is made of durable materials that will last for many years. This is important especially if the brace has elastic materials. The materials should maintain their elasticity over time.

Other Considerations

Apart from features and materials, you should:

  • Choose a back brace that is specially designed to help with your specific problem
  • Check the size to ensure the brace you want to order will fit properly.

Relieve Lower Back Pain Naturally

Whether you pulled a muscle when on the job or while working out, suffer from arthritis, or have a herniated or degenerative disc condition, you can naturally relieve lower back pain using a lower back brace. The brace will support the healing process.

If you have any lower back problems, do not ignore them. The problems may signify a larger underlying problem that can get worse over time. Use a lower back posture support to relieve any pain. Also, consult your physician if the pain does not subside after using a back brace for more than three months.

From the above list, you should find the best back brace for lower back pain for you.

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